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January 13, 2012


Last Week:

Hey everyone, this weeks newsletter is officially out. I want to start out by saying we are so sorry for not having sent out a newsletter in some time, but it’s back. Last week, the guys got together and just put on some of the most amazing shows to date. Last Friday, the band performed at Gordon Biersch. This show took off from the start. The music was slammin’ and the crowd loved it from that point on all night long. People danced, requested songs, applauded, even asking for an encore. The manager even came out and jammed for a bit. It was amazing. Saturday night the guys traveled to Hollywood to perform at Taco Beach Shack and just burned the place down. People bought several pieces of merchandise either CD’s, T-Shirts, and or both. It was an all frontal assault on Taco Beach Shack. Tons of fun. I have to say, you know it is a fun show, when your jammin’ and the crowd asks you not to change the song and just keep jammin. Sunday night, the guys performed at Maxine’s, the usual Sunday venue. It must have been something in the South Florida air. because that show was better than the previous two. People stood and watched from the patios across the street from other hotels, and even stood on the sidewalk and watched the guys perform. The band even performed an hour past the set time. Just because they were having fun with the crowd.

This Week:

The band will be performing at Terminal Tunes Friday January 13th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Saturday we have two performances. The first is in Tampa at The Black Heritage Festival at 2:00 PM. From there back to Taco Beach Shack from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Saturday night. At Maxine’s on South Beach from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Sunday. Make sure all of our fans try to make it to a show. All of these venues are great places with great food, staff, and fun.

What’s New:

The band is currently working on it next CD. Some tracks have already been recorded. It is sounding good so far. Also, the band is working on a new sound, look, and all around show. So come on out to a show. Also, please everyone go and take a look at and make sure you get your Jay Blue Band T-Shirt, in whatever color or style you want. There is thin cotton, which allows you to stay cooler, and there is the regular cotton T-Shirt. bathing suit, or CD today. There are no shipping and handling fees, taxes, or hidden charges. The price is what you see. What a deal huh? We are also in the process of making some website changes that are going to be very cool, so stay tuned. Our pages are getting revamped, and the site is getting a face lift. All of our sections, like press and others are getting and face lift and being updated as well.


It is great to get back into the swing of writing the newsletter for all of our fans. Please make sure that you all continue to keep up with us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Reverbnation. Hope to see everyone back out at the shows. Stay tuned to the website. This month we will be back in Clearwater at Ozona Blue. Don’t miss the show.



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