JANUARY 26, 2012



The band had another action packed week. They played three shows last week. The first was Friday night at Gordon Biersch in Miami. The crowd enjoyed themselves. The guys have played there several times, so the crowd is very receptive and interacts with the band. It was a usual, all jam session with the band playing songs that the crowd requested, as well as new songs that will be on the new CD that, hopefully, will be released later this year. The second show took place Saturday night in Clearwater, Florida where the band performed at Ozona Blue. Now that was a show. I’m lucky to get to go with guys, and come back and tell all of you what happens on the road at the shows. There were kids, elderly, old and young people dancing and jammin to the music. People pulled up on boats next to the venue and just hung out to listen. Great time. That next morning, the guys headed back south to perform at Maxine’s as they do every Sunday night on South Beach. The crowd really had a good time. They got applause after pretty much every song, and were asked not to take a break before the last set. Now that was a first. Even hotel owners from across the street, were jammin to the music they heard. Great week.


This week appears to be another fun, but jammed packed week. The guys will be playing five shows in three days. We have two shows on Friday, Terminal Tunes in Fort Lauderdale early Friday. Then laster that night, the band will be traveling to Clearwater to perform again, at Ozona Blue. Saturday morning they will be leaving Clearwater to Dania Beach, Florida to perform at The Dania Beach Grill for the first time. So all of you in Dania, if you have never seen the guys play, don’t miss the show. It will be from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Short, sweet, and to the point. After Dania Beach Grill, the band will be traveling further south to perform at Gordon Biersch from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Sunday, the band will be back down on South Beach at Maxine’s form 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This promises to be one fun, but busy, week. Make sure all of you catch some of the shows.



There is some new news to report. We have started to record the next CD. So far it sounds good. A lot different than the last CD. Also, the band had been asked to perform in one of South Florida’s biggest and most important festivals this year. The Del Ray Beach Garlic festival on February 11, 2012. make sure you keep up with us and make it out to this show. Some of the the past performers have been Jonny Lang and Cheryl Crow to name a few. One of this years headliners is Uncle Cracker. Show be a great event. Stay tuned for shows times. Also, the band has been extended, and agreed to perform in, the Florida State Fair in northern Florida. That show will be Friday night, February 17, 2012. The band has been asked to perform on the main stage and is the closer. Don’t miss it. All of you in northern Florida that have never seen the guys perform, you are in for a high energy, all out performance. Also, we have some new merchandise that will be coming out this year, but you all will have to wait to see it. HA HA. As well, next month, the band will be be back in Hollywood, Florida rocking the Hollywood Beach theater. Everyone in Hollywood who usually come out and asks when we are coming back, here we come.



Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows, and to all of the very nice new people and fans we have met and made. Keep supporting the band. We honestly could do nothing with out your support. Please keep up with at www.jaybluesband.com and or Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Reverbnation.com/jaybluesband. See you all at this weeks shows.










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